Media Buying & Planning



Before we purchase any media, our team uses their unique skills to develop media objectives and strategies to deliver on the marketing KPIs

A Media Buy is only as good As the Objectives and Strategies that Guide it.

Your media budget is a precious commodity and you want to be sure your money is spent wisely.  Our team is on top of the ever-changing digital media landscape and uses research tools to determine which media is being used by the target consumer and what is the most effective way to present the advertising message within each medium.

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media planning Upfront work is done to identify the demographic and psychographic makeup of the target consumer.  After we know who is most likely to purchase your product or service we then determine what media they consume, when, where and how often. After all the quantitative work is done we get creative by designing advertising programs with each media platform to present the advertiser’s message in the right place and among the most complimentary content to ensure the message reaches the audience in a credible and effective environment.  We will also determine if offline media will enhance digital efforts and can incorporate them into our media strategy recommendation.