Content Marketing Strategy

Content + Promotion = Huge Ranking Wins

Content is the keystone that holds everything in the digital marketing arena together.  The content you have on your website will translate into better consumer engagement.  Downloaded assets and infographics can translate into more brand awareness and backlinks that drive SEO success.  Content can help with improved conversions when running paid search (SEM)campaign programs.  It can be shared through social media as well.

Our content marketing consists of research and competitive analysis meant to impact our clients' campaigns in the following ways:


  • Improve Organic Search Results
  • Deliver Improved Lead Generation Opportunities
  • Understand Top Performing Topics In Relevant Niches
  • Create Content Driven By Competitive Analysis
  • Create Content Driven By Keyword Research & Social Analytics
  • Leverage Content For Outreach, Promotion, and Link Building Campaigns

    Content Marketing That Works

    Content isn’t simply a fancy word.  It’s the cornerstone for link building and getting ranked.  Without a prime content marketing strategy, your ability to rank will become that much more difficult.  Here are a few of the strategies we use for content marketing:

  • Researching proper topics for your ideal audience
  • Helping you come up with unlimited writing topics for your blog
  • Researching what content topics are working for your competitors
  • Locating topics that are trending
  • Determining which questions your audience needs answering
  • Creating big content pieces for authority development
  • Finding low hanging fruit content topics that should make it easier for you to rank in the search engines

  • Quality Blogging = Big Wins

    Multi-national company, local company, small company….if you’re not blogging, you’re losing the SEO battle.  The beauty of building a great blog is that you begin to establish yourself as the authority in your niche, answering questions your audience wants answers to, and slowing growing your search and social traffic.

    Here is our approach to developing a well-rounded blog for our clients:

    • Research key content topics
    • Research popular and also easy to rank keyword opportunities
    • Research top three-five competitors and their blog posts
    • Begin writing strong topics via your blog
    • Promote like crazy and DO NOT STOP BLOGGING

    It’s not simply about blogging.  It’s about making your company the authority in your niche.  That’s what we did for a presentation software company who became the authority in presentation giving.  They now rank for a very difficult keyword.