Search Engine Optimization

Local Search (SEO)

If you are a local business with local and regional locations, local search is critical to capturing organic traffic relevant to your company.  
We have a defined process that ensures you are showing up as often and as frequent as possible.  
Our process ensures you are competing with your local competitors:

  • NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) Consistency
  • Reviews (Social Proof Matters)
  • Google My Business Page
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO (Crawlability, Site Speed)
  • Link Building – Votes Matter!!
  • Content Marketing

When our team is implementing all of these areas of local SEO, the phone calls and leads gradually increase.  
See how we really approach local search for single and multi-location companies.


National Enterprise SEO

On this level you are not competing at the local level in or around your city any more.
Now, you are ranked for the national level for broad based keywords.
However no problems will arise, we have worked with small brands that are now ranking at the top on Google,
going head-to-head with multi-national organizations with large budgets.

Our philosophy to national SEO is content + outreach = big ROI.
Below, is our standard SEO approach to national SEO:

  • On Page Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Link Building
  • Content Marketing

Each of these areas of SEO are required to grow your search rankings.
Technical seo is essential, without it you could face issues where your website is not being indexed properly.
Likewise on page seo is important, for optimizing the proper keywords for your website.

Ecommerce & Amazon SEO

If you’re a product based company, ecommerce gives you national and global reach to expand your selling potential across the most power search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and yes….Amazon.  Our team develops comprehensive commerce seo strategies to gets you ranked utilizing a few of the strategies below:

  • Keywords Research For Proper Product Title Tags
  • Deep Dive into Technical SEO
  • Proper Indexation of Products
  • Removal of Duplicate Content Issues
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Ecommerce Link Building
  • Content Marketing for Ecommerce Companies
  • Learn About Our Amazon SEO Services

When our team is implementing all of these areas of ecommerce SEO, the sales naturally increase.  See how we really approach ecommerce seo.

International SEO

International SEO
International SEO
If your business sells internationally, then your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts need to operate around the world, and international SEO can be complicated.

Multiple countries, multiple languages, and often, multiple languages within a given country. It’s easy to get tied up in knots. And even easier to confuse a search engine and create a number of typical SEO issues like duplicate content.

Fortunately, good international SEO is achievable; however planning is ecential and the correct approach for your unique situation.

Let’s look at the various ways you can target international customers and make good decisions when tackling the complex task of ranking in multiple countries.

What is international SEO?

International SEO is the process of organizing and optimizing your webpages to allow search engines to identify the countries you are targeting, the specific content and language for each user in a given location. 

In many ways, this is a similar to how we provide SEO for small businesses that target multiple locations, since they often organize by towns, cities, counties or states.

Domain names for international SEO

A few things need to be considered  when choosing a domain name for your international SEO campaigns.

First domains, known as country code top-level domains (ccTLD), will default to a specific location. Other top-level domains (TLDs) can be geotargeted to point at specific countries.  The sub-folders and subdomains on these TLD domains can be geo-targeted to different countries as well.

The mainpoint to remember is that you must ensure you have the correct domain for your international SEO requirements.

Also to make matters more difficult, these rules can sometimes be broken, and one such example is when promoting content with SEO. Even ccTLD domains or geotargeted TLD domains can rank informational content internationally.

This is a little contradictory to international SEO thinking, so let me give you an example.

My company operates out of the United Kingdon (UK), but we have customers all around the world. The majority of our customers find us through articles on our blog, which runs on a UK ccTLD. This proves that in the right situation, informational content can still rank internationally from a ccTLD. Go figure!

This is not to say you should disregard geotargeting; for the majority of industries, this is not the right approach. Ranking internationally is about providing the right content for the right audience, often for specific business reasons.

You want to make sure Google does not get utterly confused with the several versions of your site and bury you in the back of its search index.