Restaurant Low-Cost Conversions

Restaurant Chain Wins Low-Cost Conversions & Geo-Fencing

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The Challenge

A regional restaurant chain was looking to build brand awareness and drive in-store conversions at a low CPA. They were unable to find a vendor who could reach the target market and keep the CPA at or below $20. They enlisted the help of our team to utilize new geo-fencing technology in order to more precisely target their audience, track conversions, and improve their overall advertising performance.

The Solution

The advertiser identified the key restaurants for which they wanted to increase visits and sales, as well as their top 10 competitor locations. Our team then developed a comprehensive strategy of geo-fencing with conversion zones to target those competitors within a 10-mile radius and then measure conversions to the advertiser’s restaurants. The campaign also featured search retargeting at the keyword level, category contextual targeting, and site retargeting. Our team and our multivariate algorithms worked to further optimized the campaign based on latitude and longitude data within local, targeted areas and applied these geo-locations to target our delivery to the advertiser’s intended audiences. Additionally, the team was also able to further optimize keywords and blacklist certain domains mid-flight to decrease CPA and extend reach to the target audience.

The Results

Our Team Was Able To Deliver A Low CPA Of $4.95, Which Far Exceeded The Advertiser’s Goal Of $20 CPA. With Our Team’s Conversion Zone Tool, The Advertiser Was Also Able To Track Their Total Visit Rate (TVR), Which Showed The Percentage Of People Who Served An Ad And Came To The Store, And Cost Per Visit (CPV), Which Denoted The Amount Of Advertising Spend Per A Person Who Came To The Store