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Target People In The Real Estate Market

Tired of those old marketing tactics that rarely translate into leads for your brokerage or leasing company?  Our digital real estate marketing solutions will allow you to capture home buyers and sellers as well as potentially attract people looking to lease.

Paying For Phone Calls (Not Just Clicks)

Are you a broker or leasing company who works in real estate?  Our standard AdWords campaigns for for real estate companies still perform well for clients.   But we also can develop call-only campaigns (and text-only campaigns) so you only pay for phone calls from actual searchers expressing a need to buy or sell a home.

Our click-to-call-only campaigns have converted 40% better than traditional Adwords campaigns.

Adscapz Digital Marketing that Makes Sense!
Target Consumers Based On Their Physical Location our latest technology in Geo-Fencing Technology targets travelers who attended specified events or went to a particular location with the most precise temporal geo-targeting solution available. By building a custom polygon around the location, we can begin serving Ads to the mobile devices of those users from the time they enter our geofence for up to 30 days. Ideal Locations Include Banks, Homes For Sale, Credit Unions, Car Dealerships, Transitioning Neighborhoods, and Real Estate Brokerages, Developers, Mortgage Brokers, Title Companies. Now you can continue engaging with those very same people for up to 30 days after they left those locations.