Retail Store, Boutiques


Retail Stores, Boutiques

The Challenge

A boutique store wanted to promote their prom dress selections to high school students. They hoped to capture more market share from their competitors and ultimately increase sales. They enlisted the help of our team to increase brand awareness and precisely target consumers interested in prom dresses.

The Solution

Our Team developed a comprehensive strategy of keyword contextual, site retargeting at the keyword level, and geo-optimized. With quick learning from campaign launch, our team and multivariate algorithms optimized keywords, blacklisted specific domains to more precisely target consumers, and adjusted the frequency cap and pacing to maximize the budget. We also shifted the budget to higher performing areas and swapped out the creatives to keep the advertisements relevant through changing seasons.

The Result

Through multiple tactics and optimizations, our team achieved a CTR (click-through rate ) of .1657%, more than doubling the client’s goal of a .08% CTR, which is the industry average.