Digital Solutions That Attract Defendants Or Plaintiffs To Your Practice

Law Firm Marketing - Legal Marketing
We provide ourselves on developing campaigns that truly translate into phone calls, leads, and actual legal clients and sign-ups, not just clicks to your website.   Those do matter, but our law firm marketing solution set ensures you get actual leads, and the best part….we can track it all back to your desired ROI.

Paying For Phone Calls To Your Practice (Not Just Clicks)

Our standard AdWords campaigns for legal practices still perform well for clients.  And we highly recommend any and all law firms institute a proper Adwords and Bing campaigns for the lawyer marketing campaigns.  But we also can develop call-only campaigns (and text-only campaigns) so you only pay for phone calls from actual searchers expressing a legal need.
Our click-to-call only campaigns have converted 40% better than traditional Adwords campaigns.

Keep Talking To Your Existing Base Of Clients

Target prospective clients who have recently visited your site but have left and gone without calling you and submitting a form.  This includes Billboard Advertising, Print, SEO, Referrals, or even TV.
All Of Your Marketing Dollars Work Smarter.  Why does this matter?
  • 96% Of Site Visitors Leave Without Performing An Action
  • Ensures Your Other Lawyer Marketing Is More Effective (Print, Billboard Direct Mail)
  • Target Your Prospects 200% More Times Than Google

Target People Based On Their Physical Locations

Our Beacon Free geo-fencing technology allows law firms to use this legal marketing target people based on their physical activities.  Whether it’s a particular event or a physical building you want geo-fenced (i.e. hospital, car dealership, etc..), this can be a powerful form of lawyer marketing to serve ads to individuals based on their physical location.