Website Retargeting *

Website Retargeting

Over 96% of consumers will leave a website without converting to a sale or even a phone call. Now is your chance to re-engage website visitors with new insights and performance availabilities.

Website Retargeting focuses on users who have already visited your website, as they are also performing searches across the web. Website Retargeting is a method that is very effective in converting your website visitors into customers and/or Buyers.
Adscapz brings advantages at the elemental level of marketing to website retargeting. While most retargeting companies still operate at the group segment level, Adscapz enables bidding, reporting, and optimizing down to the smallest data elements, such as products, categories, or the number of pages viewed.


  • Improved ROI:  By bidding, reporting, and optimizing campaigns at an individual level, Adscapz site retargeting campaigns outperform segment-based campaigns.
  • Massive Scale:  Adscapz campaigns can access inventory from all of the major exchanges. This enables you to maximize distribution of your site retargeting campaigns while delivering ads at just the right time and place.
  • Audience Expansion:  Understand the search and site visitation patterns of your existing customers and target new potential clients who browse and search online just like your client base does